Free e-books on Amazon

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Si quieres mejorar tu Inglés, no hay nada mejor que tener el costumbre de leer. Aquí os explico como podeís conseguir docenas de libros electrónicos gratis en Amazon (y descargar completamente legal).

Today I’ve got some good news for you – I have discovered how to get lots of e-books which are 100% FREE on Amazon (and 100% legal). I thought this was an urban myth, but it isn’t, and I’m going to share my secret with you.

The books that you can download are all classics – you’ll need a good level of English to read them. There are also books in French, Spanish, German and other languages. Reading with Kindle you have a lot of learning aids, like dictionaries, wikipedia links and a translator.

I also need to give you links to my e-books, which are more specifically designed for learners of English. If you want to read a sample, just subscribe to my monthly newsletter and you’ll get them in your email.


My ‘Aethelflaed’ books for English Learners

These are stories with activities, explanatory lessons and exercises, articles and link to an audio. If you want a sample of each book, just subscribe, or you can have a quick look at the first few pages on the Amazon page.

Are you a teacher? If you want to use these books for your class, just send me a confirmation of your purchase and I’ll send you the pdf. of the same book.

  • The Aethelflaed Series (from €0.99, $1.20….)




Other Countries


Free E-books on Amazon

If you don’t have it yet, you’ll need to download Amazon’s Kindle app (free) on your computer, tablet or mobile. Then you download these books from at the link below:

The books are public domain Classics. Remember that reading with Kindle you have a lot of learning aids, like dictionaries, wikipedia links and a translator. These are some of the titles:

  • Peter Pan
  • Jane Eyre
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Happy Prince
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Little Women
  • Three Men in a Boat
  • The Portrait of a Lady
  • Dubliners
  • The Secret Agent
  • The War of the Worlds
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The Wings of the Dove
  • And many many more…..

In Amazon Spain, Amazon USA and  Amazon Mexico the books which are available for free are ‘AmazonClassic’. In Brazil these are not ‘currently available for sale’ so the free publisher is ‘Wisehouse Classics’. Some months ago there was a ‘Dreamtime Classics’ which offered titles for free. I imagine the situation changes every so often. If you see the link is not working or there are no longer any more free e-books on offer, just write me a message to and I’ll look around a bit more.

If you live in Spain or Colombia (for example) can you get books from The answer is yes, but you’d have to put a different email address for each Amazon country, and in turn you’d need to have a different Kindle account for each email account.

That means one Kindle account on your tablet (for example) registered with with e-books from, and another on your computer or mobile, registered with e-books from


Remember to download the Amazon Kindle app on your computer/tablet/mobile


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Enjoy your Classics!