First Class for Elementary Students (free pdf.)

Number 41 of 41 in A1- BEGINNERS

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I’ve designed this class for kids, although there’s no real reason why you can’t use it for adult beginners. It’s up to you!

There’s three sections which you would have to go through together as a class first:

  1. Questions: I like to do a question circle around the class for beginner groups. You give one student the beginning of a question, or a word (‘Where…?’ or ‘old’ or ‘pets’) and they have to another student that question. Then you say another word and that student has to ask the next person, etc.
  2. Introducing your classmate: Changing the classic ‘You’ questions and ‘I’ answers into ‘He/She’. If you want to make things more challenging, you can get other students to ask questions using ‘he/she’. (‘Is he a football fan?’ or even ‘Does she like football?’
  3. Physical Description. Before you do this part you have to go through different vocabulary. Write it on the board, and then they have to decide if it goes in the ‘IS’, ‘HAS GOT’ or ‘IS WEARING’ column. You could include:

glasses – tall – curly hair – earrings – dark hair – clever – a tshirt – friendly – blonde – blue eyes, etc.

Just ideas – Use it as you want! Dowload the pdf BELOW: