First Certificate Reading/Use of English Part 2

Number 48 of 74 in B2 - UPPER-INTERMEDIATE

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For the questions below read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning.

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Motorbike Stunt Rider

I work (0)_____AS______ a motorbike stunt rider – that is, I do tricks on my motorbike at shows. The Le Mans race track in France was (1)____________ I first saw some guys doing motorbike stunts. I’d never seen anyone riding a motorbike using just the back wheel before and I was (2)______________ impressed I went straight home and taught (3)______________ to do the same. It wasn’t very long before I began to earn my living at shows performing my own motorbike stunts.


I have a degree (4)____________ mechanical engineering; this helps me to look at the physics (5)____________ lies behind each stunt. In addition to being responsible for design changes to the motorbike, I have to work (6)_____________ every stunt I do. People often think that my work is very dangerous, but, apart (7)_________ some minor mechanical problem happening occasionally during a stunt, nothing ever goes wrong. I never feel in (8)__________ kind of danger because I’m very experienced.

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