First Certificate Reading Part 7

Number 55 of 74 in B2 - UPPER-INTERMEDIATE

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Prepare for the B2 Cambridge exam, or simply practise your English with this First Certificate Reading Test from the Use of English exam. Check your answers and read the explanation.

You are going to read an article about female surfers. For questions 1 – 10, choose from the people A – E. The people may be chosen more than once.

My advice:

Read the questions carefully first. Pay attention to the details in bold, read the first text, and then mark all the possible options. Repeat for the other texts. If you have marked more than one answer for the same question by the end, go back and compare the options you have given.

This exercise should not take more than 20 minutes. Use this timer to help you. When you have finished, click ‘start’ and write your answers below. You will be corrected.


  • In which section does the writer mention:


  1. feeling satisfaction that her determination resulted in better performance?
  2. the problem of having to wait for conditions to be favourable for surfing?
  3. a change which helped her to pursue her hobby?
  4. continuing to surf even when the conditions were unfavourable?
  5. the pleasure she gets from seeing others succeed?
  6. being aware that it would take time for her abilities to be recognised?
  7. her enthusiasm for the sea being recognised by someone else?
  8. an admission that she doesn’t think about what she is doing when surfing?
  9. not being concerned that she stood out from others?
  10. people appreciating her serious attitude towards her surfing?

Use this notebook to write your (provisional) answers.

NOTEPAD: Your ideas



Now check your answers. Write a letter, A – E, for each question.