FCE Listening Part 4 (for schools)

Number 35 of 74 in B2 - UPPER-INTERMEDIATE

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FCE Listening: Part 4

Practise your Listening skills with this First Certificate test from Cambridge English, level B2 – with questions and corrections.

You will hear an interview with someone who has started a news service called “Children’s Express”. For questions 24-30 choose the best answer; A, B or C. You will hear the recording twice.

My advice:

  • Before the listening starts, quickly note or underline the important words and differences between the answers (“Think in an ADULT way” is not the same as consider “IMPORTANT matters”; “HELP the reporters IN the interviews” is different to “TALK to the reporters ABOUT the interviews”).
  • The first time you listen, if you are not able to choose the correct answer, at least try to eliminate one option.

NOTEPAD: Your ideas


These are the questions. Write your answers in the box below.

1.The purpose of Chldren’s Express is to encourage children to:
A) Think in a more adult way.
B) Consider important matters.
C) Train as journalists.

2.Bob says that the children who work on Children’s Express:
A) Are carefully chosen.
B) Learn from each other.
C) Get on well together.

3. What success has Children’s Express had?
A) TV programmes have been made about it.
B) Adults read some of the articles it produces.
C) It has affected the opinions of some adults.

4. What did the survey in the Indianapolis Star show about the page they write?
A) It is read by a lot of adults.
B) It is the most popular page in the newspaper.
C) It interests adults more than children.

5. Important public figures agree to be interviewed by the children because:
A) Children’s Express has a good reputation.
B) They like the questions childrens ask.
C) They want children to like them.

6. When an article is being prepared, the editors:
A) Help the reporters in the interviews.
B) Change what the reporters have written.
C) Talk to the reporters about the interview.

7. What is unique about their type of journalism?
A) Nothing in their articles is invented.
B) Everything that is recorded appears in the articles.
C) It is particulary suitable for children.


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FCE Part 4