Everyday Expressions 2

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Everyday Expressions 2


Match these common phrases with the definitions below…

1. Oh! You shouldn´t have!

2. Give her my regards.

3. Help yourself

4. Make yourself at home.

5. They don´t get on very well.

6. Mind your own business!

7. Take it easy!

8. How come you found out?


Which of these do you use…..

A. … to help someone feel comfortable in your house.

B. … when you are talking with somebody about someone you haven’t seen recently- the other person’s brother, for example.

C. … when you want the other person to relax and calm down.

D. … when you are angry because somebody is asking very personal questions.

E. … when someone gives you (for example) flowers or abottle of wine when they come for dinner?

F. … to say that two people have a very bad relationship.

G. … to tell someone to serve themselves to the food on offer.

H. … when you are surprised that the other person knows something.


What exactly do these mean? Leave a message if you know….

How come….?

Get on (with somebody)

Find out (about something)