‘-ed’ or ‘-ing’?

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A Relaxed Cup of Coffee


A verb is often changed into an adjective in two ways:

Boring = (Ser) Aburrido
Bored = (Estar) Aburrido

This TV programme is boring, and I’m bored!
El programa es aburrido (esta aburriéndome), y yo estoy aburrido.

…ING produces/causes the sensation. It is an Active Adjective.

…ED reacts to the sensation. It is a Passive Adjective.

(Do not confuse this with Active/Passive Voice. There is no connection.)


Change the verbs into the correct form of the Adjective. Remember to double-click any word you don’t understand

1. (Disappoint) I am ______ in you, my son. I expected more from you.

2. (Frighten) That horror movie was really _____ . I slept in my brother’s room!

3. (Appal) Aren’t you _____ at the number of spelling mistakes you see in the press and on the internet?

4. (Excite) The children were so______ to be going to the zoo.

5. (Tire) Teaching is great, but it’s a very _____ job.

6. (Annoy) Sarah thinks she’s funny, but some of his jokes are very _____.

7. (Disgust) Sam was picking his nose all through the meeting. We were _____.

8. (Surprise) It was very _____ to see two people from our home town in a bus in Senegal!

9. (Charm) Marco is very _____, but I wouldn’t trust him if I were you!

10.(Worry)  The news just gets more and more _____.

11. (Interest) Do you really find this programme _____? I didn’t know you were _____ in this type of thing?

12. (Embarrass) The whole situation was so _____! My mum was the most _____, of course!!



The same principle can be applied to all these words, and more:

Frustrate – Confuse – Depress – Shock – Exhaust – Relax – Fascinate – Revolt – Invigorate – Infuriate – Astonish –  Amaze – Entertain – Thrill….


‘Scare’ changes to ‘Scared’ or ‘Scary’, not ‘Scaring’

‘Delight’ changes to ‘Delighted’ or ‘Delightful’, not ‘Delighting’


Some adjectives only use the ‘..ing’ or ‘…ed’ form.

The weather’s boiling/freezing, and I’m boiling/freezing.

(Soak=Empapar) They threw a bucket of water all over me. I’m soaking!

She’s so complicated, and it makes things so complicated!

(1.Disappointed 2.Frightening 3. Appalled 4. Excited 5.Tiring 6. Annoying 7. Disgusted 8.Surprising 9.Charming 10.Worrying 11.Interesting/Interested 12.Embarrassing/Embarrassed)