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I always GET up at about quarter past seven on weekdays – that’s Monday to Friday. First I HAVE  a shower and then I GET dressed and have a quick breakfast, which is normally toast with marmalade and milky coffee.

I usually TAKE the train to work, but I sometimes drive if I have a meeting or if I need the car. I  LEAVE home at about eight o’clock and I  GET  to work at about twenty to or quarter to nine. I  WORK from nine o’clock to half past five, although I occasionally leave a bit earlier. I never work after six o’clock.

When I FINISH  work I don’t always go home. Sometimes I MEET friends in a pub and we HAVE a drink, or I EAT in a restaurant with my girlfriend. She LIVES  in London too, so I SEE her very often.

On Saturday I hardly ever get up before ten o’clock. I usually relax and have an English breakfast late morning – bacon, eggs, sausages, fried bread and lots of cholesterol! In the afternoon, if West Ham have a match at home, my friend Dave calls me and we walk to the stadium. The match almost always  STARTS  at half past three. We never go home after the match – we stay and have a few drinks and then my girlfriend usually COMES  and we eat in a restaurant and then GO out together or with friends.

On Sunday I STAY  in bed until eleven o’clock or even later. I don’t often have plans for a Sunday, but if the weather’s nice we sometimes go down to Kent or to Brighton. If not, there are lots of things to do in London, and even if you live here, you don’t get bored. Tomorrow for example, we’re going to a Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park!

What does my girlfriend DO? She WORKS for a bank in the City. She says that she doesn’t ENJOY   her job very much because it’s very stressful, but she doesn’t want to leave at the moment because London is very expensive, and if you want to buy a house or flat you have to work hard. We want to stay in London because we are both from here, and all our friends LIVE  here. It’s our city!