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Este es un libro para los que quieren mejorar su Inglés. Hay dos cosas que, como autor, he tenido claro desde el principio:

(1) Usar un Inglés cotidiano. Es decir, el Inglés que se oye en el día a día. Los libros de lectura casi siempre siguen las pautas de los niveles según Cambridge u otra organización oficial. Pero limitándose a un número establecido de palabras hace que las conversaciones suenen artificial, y alejadas del idioma de la calle.
(2) La participación del lector no debe ser sólo pasiva. No quería un libro que se lee y se deja. En la historia hay 21 dibujos, cada uno con una actividad que obliga al lector poner su Inglés en práctica. Al final del libro hay varias páginas para explicar aspectos de la gramática y uso del Inglés en la historia, además de ejercicios para ampliar su vocabulario.

Además hay tres artículos – uno práctico, sobre trucos sencillos para mejorar el Inglés a diario – y los otros dos sobre aspectos de la historia que se relacionan con temas históricos y culturales que el lector posiblemente no conozca. Y para rematar – la historia completa en audio!

  • Entonces, ¿De que va la historia?

Un tranquilo pueblo del sureste de Inglaterra gana el trofeo regional de fútbol. La mañana siguiente se descubre que el trofeo se ha perdido durante las celebraciones. La gente empieza a señalar ¿Lo robó Rodney, el hooligan local? ¿Fue Bob, el capitán del equipo? ¿Ayaan, el chico de oro?

Por suerte Aethelflaed – la hija disléxica del bibliotecario – no es tan tonta como se cree…

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Aethelflaed and the Missing Trophy

Saturday: The Big Match

Listen to the story

kitchen scene

Activity 1: Which of the following are not in the kitchen?

Table                                  Microwave X





Kitchen Glove




Washing Machine








Frying Pan

Tea Towel








Davingstock was a sleepy1 little town, and nothing much happened. So when there was something important going on, nobody talked about anything else.

On the day of the big match Aethelflaed was having lunch with her brother and father in their little terraced2 house, and Athelstan was explaining to his father why everybody was3 so excited. Alfred Jones was not usually interested in the news. He loved history, and knew more about what happened in Davingstock in Roman times than what happened last week.

Athelflaed was not usually interested in football either, although that was changing. In the last few months her best friend’s brother was the team’s goalkeeper, and Aethelflaed started to go to the matches and training sessions. ‘Just so Samantha doesn’t get bored4 ‘ she said. And now she was going to see her friends and walk to the match together.

I have to go.” she said “I’m going to see Sam and Nat on the way to the stadium. Are you coming Stan?”

No, you go ahead. I’m still eating. I’ll see you there.” her brother answered.

Aethelflaed’s house was only five minutes from the stadium, but her friends Natalia and Samantha lived at different points of Davingstock, so she had to leave early. Luckily, Aethelflaed didn’t mind5 walking.

Just as she left the house she saw her next-door neighbour, Rodney. He was only twenty years old and he looked like a hooligan, although Aethelflaed and her family never had any problems. Next to him was his friend Gary. He was always wearing a cowboy hat and clothes, with a cigarette in his mouth, and didn’t look like a person you could trust6.

Aethelflaed didn’t know much about Gary, apart from the fact that he was old Scroogey’s son. In Davingstock there were a lot of eccentrics, but Gary’s dad Scroogey was the weirdest7 in the town. He lived in a boat on the water, collecting things he took from the river. Apart from Gary, nobody in the town spoke to Scroogey.

It was the same with Gary. Aethelflaed never saw him with anybody else. She didn’t think that he had any other friends. Rodney was not very popular around town either. He had a bad reputation, but Aethelflaed ignored this type of talk.

Aethelflaed herself had a reputation. She was dyslexic, and she was never very interested in her lessons at school. People thought that she was a bit dumb8 .That’s why Aetheflaed never had any problems talking to people like Rodney and Gary, because she felt she could understand them.

1 = quiet. Se usa mucho para hablar de sitios tranquilos, además de gente dormida.
2 = Casa adosada. En Inglaterra suele ser un señal de gente sin gran poder acquisitivo.
3 Nota que ‘everybody’ es singular – Everybody WAS, no WERE…
4 Para entender la diferencia entre BE (She is bored..) and GET (She gets bored..) pincha aquí.
5 = No le importaba. Vea la expliacación y ejercicio al final del libro.
6 = Fiarse de alguien. No se usa preposición. ‘Trust me’ no ‘Trust on me’.
7 = strangest
8 = not very intelligent

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Aethelflaed walked straight on towards the town centre. She went past the library where her father worked, on the corner on her left. At the roundabout she turned left and went straight on until she got to the traffic lights at the end of the road.

Opposite the traffic lights there is a footbridge which goes over the railway lines. Aethlflaed crossed here and turned right, walking past the back of the station. At the junction1 she turned left, and Natalia’s house was on the right.

Natalia’s parents were working at their restaurant, and Natalia was at home alone. She and Aethelflaed walked together through the back garden and turned right. They went under the tunnel and carried straight on, using the footpaths, going past the theatre until they got to the square.

At this point they turned left, and then right when they got to the roundabout. Samantha was waiting for them outside her house. Aethelflaed didn’t know exactly what Samantha’s parents’ jobs were. They had one of the best houses in Davingstock, with a garden next to the water, where they kept their boat.

1 = when two streets meet. In this case it is called a ‘T-junction’.

Activity 3: Sigue la ruta de Aethelflaed. Cuales son 1 – 4?

davingstock map

Ahora sigue andando, completando con las palabras abajo:

From Sam’s house they walked 1. _______ the river and around a bend in the road until they got to some 2._______ lights. At the 3.______ they went 4._______ on, taking the first 5.________ in front of the church until they 6._______ to the stadium, which they could see 7.________ the right.”

From       Got     On     Left     Along     Straight     Crossroads     Traffic


Athelflaed often told Samantha and Natalia that they were the worst friends any girl could have. Both her friends were stunning1, and Aethelflaed was nothing special, and she knew it. The gossips2 in town liked to comment that Samantha and Natalia only went out with Aethelflaed so that people could make the comparison.

But Aethelflaed did not feel inferior. Her opinion was (although she didn’t mention anything to her friends) that she was much more fun, and that – in comparison – her friends were a bit boring.

Samantha usually had a ponytail, but today her wavy blonde hair was loose. She was wearing a long blue blouse with triangles at the bottom, some cream shorts, a grey neck scarf and a belt.

Natalia was also beautiful, but in the opposite way to Samantha. Her mum was Spanish and her dad Brazilian, so she had dark curly hair and always had a tan, even in winter. Athelflaed met them when they were just four years old at nursery3. They had other friends, but they were always together.

When they arrived at the stadium, the whole area was like a festival, with a market and a fair, music and flags. They saw posters with the team captain’s face, with the words ‘Yes, we can!’ and ‘Now is the time!’. Everyone was talking and no-one was listening, but it didn’t matter4.

This was the moment the town was waiting for! That morning the local newspaper had a special edition, with the headline: ‘Davingstock’s Greatest Moment of Sporting Glory’. It was the North Kent5 Football Cup Final. When Athelstan was explaining the event to his father, he told him: “Davingstock will be famous for more than 50 MILES AROUND!!”

1 = not especially attractive, boring in a physical sense.
2  = cotillas. También vale para ‘cotilleo’ y verb: ‘Cotillear’
3 = school for children 1 – 5 years old.
4 It doesn’t matter = Da igual / No importa. Hay una explicación (con ejercicio) al final.
5 Kent es el ‘county’ (condado) más al sureste de Inglaterra, entre Londres y Francia.


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