Look, Watch, See

Number 19 of 81 in B1 - PRE-INTERMEDIATE

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Look, Watch, See- What’s the Difference?

Watch = Observe with attention (MIRAR/OBSERVAR)

Look = Observe for a short time (MIRAR/ECHAR UN VISTAZO)

See = Something is in your field of vision (VER)

I walk into your living room, and I (1)                 a television opposite the sofa. You switch it on, and we sit down to (2)                  the football. After 15 minutes, we suddenly hear a loud noise, like smashing glass, and we get up and (3)               out of the window. What do we (4)                  ? A man is jumping up and down. His car has hit a lampost! An old lady had crossed the road without (5)                   left or right, and the driver (6)               her late. We were (7)                   the scene for the next twenty minutes- The police, the old lady’s family – We forgot about the football match completely!