Present Perfect vs. Past Simple- Homework

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple- Homework

Aquí tienes 12 frases. Algunas son gramáticamente correctas, otras no. Marca ‘CORRECT’, o si no, corrigela:

1. Just before the accident I heard a loud noise coming from the car.

2. How many times did you go on holiday this year?

3. (Llegas a casa y ves todo roto) But, what did you do?

4. I have lived in this town for 8 years now.

5. What have you been doing lately?

6. In these two weeks, I haven´t got enough time to visit gran.

7. He have just left- He finished 5 minutes ago.

8. There was a problem. We didn’t sort it out yet. (sort out = solucionar)

9. I didn’t do years ago what I I’ve been doing recently.

10. Hi, Alex- You’re back from holiday. Where have you gone?

11. I´ve been learning English since 27 years, and I still don’t speak it!

12. Hi darling, did you have a nice day?

I imagine you have it all correct and don’t need to see the answers, but just in case….;)