CPE Proficiency Listening Part 1

Number 45 of 74 in C1/2 - ADVANCED+

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This is a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English Test, Part 1. You will hear three diferent extracts. For questions 1 – 6, choose the answer which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

These are the questions. When you finish the listening, click ‘START’ below to see if your answers are correct. Use this notebook to write your provisional answers:

NOTEPAD: Your ideas


Extract 1

You hear a man talking about a project being launched in a group of small Atlantic islands.

1. What is the main objective of the project?
A) To raise environmental awareness
B) To encourage tourism in the islands
C) To follow the movements of tides
(Remember to read the question carefully – What is the main reason? All three are mentioned)

2. What is the speaker’s opinion of the new project?
A) The idea is over-ambitious
B) The approach is innovative
C) The experiment is unscientific

Extract 2

You hear part of an interview with an art critic, in which an exhibition featuring the latest work of photographer Tim Fitzgerald is discussed.

3. What is the art critic’s opinion of Fitzgerald’s latest work?
A) It demonstrates his lack of artistic range
B) It compares favourably with his previous work
C) It shows poor understanding of relationships

4. The art critic says that Fitzgerald’s pictures in the current show
A) are unsuitable for rounding up the exhibition
B) do not manage to engage the visitor’s interest
C) lack artistic originality

Extract 3

You hear a woman on the radio talking about her favourite piece of music.

5. How does the speaker say she feels when listening to her favourite piece of music?
A) Engrossed
B) Nostalgic
C) Inspired

6. The speaker believes that critics of her favourite piece of music are wrong to
A) doubt the level of its popularity
B) disregard the composer’s skills
C) underrate it for its wide appeal