Cooking Cornish Pasties

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I’m going to give you a recipe of a traditional dish from the southwest of England- Cornish Pasties. This was the traditional food for miners in the county of Cornwall, as one pasty is worth one whole meal- it has meat, potatoes, onion and sometimes parsnip, all wrapped in pastry.


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Carefully     Dough     Wet     Pre-heat Bowl       Serve      Pinch      Add     Tea     Roll      Half     Golden brown     Chop

To make the pastry:

300g flour.

150g butter.

1)               of salt.

To make the filling:

250g fatty beef.

400g potatoes.

2)                 an onion.

Salt and pepper.


Put the flour and the salt in a 3)                  . Add the butter in small cubes and mix until you get a powdery texture. Then add a very small amount of water until a 4)              is formed.

Filling the pasties:

5)                     the meat, potatoes and onions in small pieces. 6)                     the pastry out with a rolling pin into the size of a circular dinner plate. Place first the potatoes, then the onion, and finally the meat on top. 7)                     some salt and pepper, leaving some space around the edges.

Making the pasty:

8)                    the space around the edges with a bit of water. 9)                 fold the pastry to make a semicircle and seal the edges together with your fingers.

10)                      the oven to about 200 degrees, and cook for about 50 minutes, or until the pastry is 11)                      (Another rule: about 10 minutes after you begin to smell the meat and onions)

12)                     hot or cold, but always with a cup of 13)                      !

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A) Dough    B) Add    C) Carefully    D) Bowl    E) Pre-heat    F) Golden brown
G) Roll    H) Tea    I) Half    J) Pinch    K) Serve    L) Wet    M) Chop

Cornish Pasties

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