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Common mistakes: Their, they’re, there, its, it’s, your, you’re.

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These are very common errors in written English. Even native English speakers make these mistakes because they have the same pronunciation. This is not an excuse: They are unforgiveable!

Let’s have a look:

  • They’re = THEY ARE my cousins.    (VERB ‘TO BE’)
  • Their = THEIR toys (= my cousin’s toys) are in their box.  (POSSESSIVE)
  • There = The box is over THERE (= in that direction)     (ADVERB OF PLACE)


  • It’s = IT IS a teddy bear.   (VERB ‘TO BE’)
  • Its = ITS eye (= the bear’s eye) is missing.    (POSSESSIVE)


  • You’re = YOU ARE  a really funny person!    (VERB ‘TO BE’)
  • Your = YOUR sense of humour (= the person’s sense of humour) is great!  (POSSESSIVE)


Correct these mistakes!









Employees must wash THEIR hands….

“Birth of a Nation” made ITS Washington Premiere here.

They won’t even know THEY’RE learning.

Perfection has ITS price.

YOU’RE the best teacher ever.

THEY’RE made from something deep inside themselves.

THEY’RE back.

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