Colour Clock: English Teaching Material

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This is the best way to teach your kids how to tell the time in English – The green hand points to the green circle (‘twenty to’) and then the red hand points to the red square (‘seven’). It’s that easy! If you’re an English teacher looking for resources and material, download the pdf free for your classes.

They just need to colour the circles green and the squares red, colour the arrows green and red as marked. Then cut out the clock and the arrows.

You (or they) need to make a little hole in the centre of the clock and in the marked holes of the clock hands, and clip the hands (red in front, green behind) onto the clock so that they can move. If you’re going to use it a lot, you can cover the paper with sellotape before making the holes. I have some clips – I don’t know what they’re called – with two little ‘legs’  which you push through the paper and then open. If not, a normal paper clip will do. Just make sure the hands move around the clock.

Telling the time opens all sorts of doors, most particulary questions in present simple, daily routine, ‘What time do you….?’ questions. I hope you find it useful. The pdf. is below.

COLOUR CLOCK pdf. for teachers