‘Coger/Tomar/Agarrar’: Pick up, Take, Get or Catch?

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1. Look at the difference:

In the classroom there is a book on the table. I tell you:

Pick the book up(It’s on the table)
Pick up = Raise, lift something from the table, the floor, etc.* (coger/levantar)
(‘Lift’ is similar, but it implies more effort: You pick up a pencil, but you lift a rock)

Catch the book!  (I throw it at you!)
Catch = Something in the air, a criminal, a virus or cold (coger/atrapar)   

Take the book  (I give it to you so you can take it home)
Take =  Pick something up and go with it (coger/llevar)

Get the book  (I don’t give you the book- You have to buy it)
Get = Obtain, receive, buy, (coger/conseguir). For other uses of ‘Get’, click here.

More Details:

  •  *PICK or PICK UP?

Meet someone at the station or airport to take them in your car (recoger) = pick up

Take fruit from the tree (recoger) = pick


Get = a taxi, bus, train, boat, plane

Catch = a taxi, bus, train

Take** = a taxi, bus, train, boat, plane TO + DESTINATION.

  • **TAKE

Take is also ‘llevar’

How long does it take by train to London?

I have to take the dog for a walk.


Now put the theory into practice!

In some questions there is more than one correct answer.