Class Poster: Wh- and How Questions

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material gratis para profesores poster wh how


On this page you can download – completely free – a poster for class use and a worksheet to develop the lesson, which is aimed at teaching the question pronouns (Wh- and How)


The poster:


Take it to a Photocopy Centre and ask them to plastify the poster, ideally in A2 (if it’s too expensive, print it in black and white). You can then write on the poster with a board pen and rub it off. This is perfect for class use, as you can get students to come up and draw the lines themselves.


Alternatively, if you have a projector or an electronic board, you can use it at no cost at all.


The worksheet:


After completing the exercise with the poster, and then put them into groups. Each group must repeat the exercise by making up their own questions. I have removed WHY and HOW LONG because you may prefer other questions (How much? Which? How far?). Check their questions and then give each of the completed worksheets to another group to match the questions and answers.


Click here to Download the Poster (Colour)


Click here to Download the Poster (Black/White)


Click here to Download the Worksheet

There is also another exercise which is related to this, although it is a bit more difficult. Just download the pdf. from this page:


Basic Questions


Hope you find it useful – and don’t hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions!