Christmas Jigsaw (Teachers’ pdf. for kids)

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I’ve got a very easy but very useful activity for the smaller kids in the class. It’s all based on ‘How many ____ are there?’, but with a Christmas twist. All they have to do (after a bit of ‘How many _______ are there’ practice in class) is to answer the questions before they cut out and do the puzzle.

  1. Check the vocab, and practise ‘How many_____are there?’
  2. Ask the students the questions on the sheet. They have to write a number – in the circles – of how many animals/presents/decorations/etc. they think they can see.
  3. Make sure the photocopies aren’t too dark, or it’ll be too difficult. It might be better to use print colour photocopies, and put them in groups of 2-3 kids each, to compensate for the extra cost.
  4. Get them to cut out the pieces of the jigsaw as carefully as possible. (I often use this time to go from one student to another with a short speaking exercise while the rest are busy – it’s a great opportunity to get the quieter students to talk.)
  5. They assemble the jigsaw and check their answers. Then they stick it into their books or a piece of A4 paper.
  6. If you see they’re taking too long or finding it too difficult, show them the finished picture or leave it on another table so that they can shuttle to and fro.
  7. Go over the ‘How many ______ are there?’ part again, to see who got it right. Great fun!



Put some catchy Christmas songs in the background – subliminal learning! Download the pdf. below…

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle.pdf