Christmas Day 1914

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In one of the most heart-warming and moving scenes of war, British and German soldiers spontaneously put down their arms during the First World War to meet, exchange gifts and play a football match together. This is a short account of what happened.

First, watch the video and try to understand as much as possible:

Now press start, read the text and – without listening – fill in the gaps with the words below. Escribe las palabras en minuscula o mayuscula, como indicado:


get out of – gifts – dawn (alba) – between – read – met
Christmas Eve – sing – As far as (en cuanto a)

Christmas Day 1914

Now, answer ‘TRUE’, ‘FALSE’ or ‘ISN’T MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO’ to these questions:

1. The ceasefire only took place at one point along the Western Front.

T / F / IM

2. Some soldiers were killed when they left the trenches.

T / F / IM

3. The famous football match between enemy troops did not actually happen.

T / F / IM

4.This event changed soldier’s attitudes towards the destructive nature of war.

T / F / IM

5. This scene was made official the following Christmas of World War 1.

T / F / IM
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