Christmas Carol: Storytelling Exercise (Teacher’s pdf.)

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This is an activity designed to get your students speaking (although you can use it as a writing exercise as well). It’s a summary of Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. Hopefully you know the story, because it’ll help you with the class. If you don’t, look it up in Wikipedia.

I’m thinking of writing the following on the board:

  1. Charles Dickens / 1812 – 1870 / 1st famous (book): Shakespeare / 2nd: Dickens
  2. 12 years – Dad / prison (debts) / (no) money / factory / 10 hours
  3. Stories: poor, criminals, children / Dickens / worried /society

Elicit sentences from the students about Dickens’ life. Encourage them to be imaginative (1st = most), and to improvise. Explain that the script is there to guide them – they don’t have to stick to those same words. You’ll need a good group for this, referring to attitude.

Then give them the sheet, and…..start speaking! If you want to whet their appetite (and give them a better idea), show them this short clip. Click here for the link.

Download the worksheet (pdf.) for free below.

Download pdf. here