Cambridge First Certificate Reading Part 6

Number 54 of 74 in B2 - UPPER-INTERMEDIATE

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Prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE) or simply practise your English with this Reading Exercise, Part 6 (Level) B2.

You are going to read an article about a special kind of skateboard. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A – G the one which fits each gap (1 – 6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

This exercise should not take more than 12 minutes. Use this timer to help you.

My advice:
I have put some of the words below in bold, and underlined. These are the clues which can help you match the sentences with the rest of the text. For example, in A, ‘the only problem’ seems to suggest that it is in a paragraph talking about advantages, or about how easy something is. In B, ‘result’ of what?, etc.

A The only problem is that users really do have to keep their minds focused.
B As a result, they became easier to ride.
C Then, the board seems to take off of its own accord.
D However, it will always be an issue for most riders.
E Apart from that basic requirement, they just have to get their brainwaves and the computer software to work together.
F It’s clear, however, that there could be other skaters thinking themselves to various destinations in no time at all.
G These were then converted into commands for the motor.

Use this notebook to write your (provisional) answers.

NOTEPAD: Your ideas



Now ‘START’ and check your answers.