CAE Reading / Use of English Part 1

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For questions 1 – 8, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. This exercise should not take more than 12 minutes. Use this timer to help you.

Example: A) deposits       B) piles      C) stores       D) stocks    

New uses for salt mines


Geological (0) ….deposits…. of salt were formed millions of years ago, when what is now land, lay under the sea. It is hard to believe that salt is now such a cheap (1) …….. , because centuries ago it was the commercial (2) …….. of today’s oil. The men who mined salt became wealthy and, although the work was (3) …….. and frequently dangerous, a job in a salt mine was highly (4) …….. .


Nowadays, the specific microclimates in disused mines have been (5) …….. for the treatment of respiratory illnesses such as asthma, and the silent, dark surroundings in a mine are considered (6) …….. in encouraging patients to relax. In addition, some disused mines have been (7) …….. to different commercial enterprises, although keeping up-to-date with the technology of mining is essential to (8) …….. visitors’ safety. Some of the largest underground chambers even host concerts, conferences and business meetings.

Use this notebook to write your provisional answers:

NOTEPAD: Your ideas

1. A) provision  B) utility   C) material   D commodity

2. A) match  B) similarity   C) parallel     D equivalent

3. A) critical  B) demanding   C) extreme   D straining

4. A) regarded   B) admired    C) approved    D honoured

5. A) exploited   B) extracted     C) exposed  D extended

6. A) profitable    B) agreeable   C) beneficial   D popular

7. A) put down   B) turned over    C) made out     D set about

8. A) enable    B) retain   C) ensure   D) support