Cambridge English: CAE Advanced Listening Part 3: Comedian

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Practise your Listening (Level C1) with this extract from a Cambridge Advanced English exam, CAE Part 3, with answers – Tu Inglés Online!


You will hear part of a radio interview in which the comedian and writer Jane Clarkson is talking about her work. For questions 1-6 choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which fits best according to what you hear.

My advice: If it’s too difficult to answer directly, listen to what the answer CANNOT be. This may be useful for the first and last questions, especially.

You will hear the extract twice. When you finish, press ‘START’ and check your answers. You can use this notebook to write provisional answers:

NOTEPAD: Your ideas


1. What did Jane find difficult about writing a book?
A) She couldn’t travel around the country.
B) She didn’t get any instant reaction to her work.
C) She had to spend time looking after her daughter.
D) She found the process itself very challenging.

2. According to Jane, why did some critics dislike her novel?
A) They didn’t think the book was funny.
B) They were dismissive of her initial success.
C) They thought her male colleagues were better writers.
D) They thought she should stick to being a comedian.

3. Which aspect of Jane’s job as a comedian helped her to write?
A) her patience.
B) her ability to listen.
C) her habit of watching people.
D) her rational way of thinking.

4. According to Jane, how do many people react to female comedians?
A) They’re convinced women can’t tell jokes.
B) They’re afraid the women will break down.
C) They find women’s humour too intense.
D) They find women’s jokes embarrassing.

5. What was the disadvantage of the stage image that Jane developed?
A) It frightened the audience.
B) It made the audience angry.
C) People thought it reflected her real personality.
D) People did not take her seriously anymore.

6. Why does Jane prefer being a solo comedian to acting in a play?
A) She can choose where she works.
B) There is a greater range of roles.
C) It’s more rewarding financially.
D) It is a more relaxing way of life.