CAE Cambridge Advanced Listening Part 3: Journalism

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Preparation for Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English exam (CAE), level C1. Practise your Listening with a multiple choice test – with answers and guidance notes.


You will hear an interview in which two journalists called Jenny Langdon and Peter Sharples are talking about their work. For questions 1 – 6, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which fits best according to what you hear.

You will hear the interview twice. When you finish, click ‘START’below and answer the questions.

1. What does Jenny say about the story which made her name?
A. She’d been on the lookout for just such a lucky break.
B. She resented colleagues trying to take the credit for it.
C. She wasn’t actually responsible for the finished article.
D. She asked for a more prestigious job on the strength of it.

2. What does Jenny suggest about the editor she worked for on her first national daily newspaper?
A. He respected her for standing up to him.
B. He tended to blame her for things unfairly.
C. He wasn’t as unreasonable as everyone says.
D. He taught her the value of constructive criticism.

3. When Jenny got her own daily column on the newspaper, she felt
A. satisfied that the good work she’d done elsewhere had been recognised.
B. relieved that it was only likely to be a short-term appointment.
C. determined to prove exactly what she was capable of.
D. unsure of her ability to make a success of it.

4. Peter thinks he got a job on Carp Magazine thanks to
A. his academic achievements at college.
B. his practical knowledge of everyday journalism.
C. his familiarity with the interests of its main target audience.
D. his understanding of how best to present himself at interview.

5. Peter and Jenny agree that courses in journalism
A. need to be supplemented by first-hand experience.
B. are attractive because they lead to paid employment.
C. are of little value compared to working on a student newspaper.
D. provide an opportunity for writers to address contentious issues.

6. When asked about their novels, Peter and Jenny reveal

A. an ambition to gain recognition for their craft.
B. a desire to develop careers outside journalism.
C. a need to prove how versatile they are as writers.
D. a wish to keep their journalism fresh and appealing.