Homework: Describing People

Homework: Describing People

Vamos a describir gente que queda en el pdf. Rellena los huecos con una palabra. Puede ser verbo, nombre, adjectivo….

Dilma Rouseff:
She´s ___________ South America. She ____________ short brown hair and brown ____________. She ___________ very slim. She is middle-____________ and has ________ important position- She is the President of Brazil.

Will Smith:
He _____________ have long blonde hair. He is a very famous __________ and he’s American. He’s f_________ and he has a ___________ and a moustache. He’s m___________ and has children.

Rafa Nadal:
He’s very s_____________ and athletic. He’s ______________ sportsman. He has _____________ brown ___________ hair and he’s Spanish. He’s quite s_______ but he has a beautiful s________.

Johnny Depp
He has g_________, a beard and a _______________. He has quite __________ brown wavy hair. He ______________ have a scar. He’s _____________ the USA and he’s a famous and p_____________ actor.

Do you need the answers? Probably not, but just in case…. 😉