Bonfire Night: Teachers’ pdf. and Lesson plan

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pdf. below!


I’ve left this exercise open so you can use it in many different ways. Before I give them the pdf. I’m going to ask them about what they know about Halloween and if they know about Bonfire Night. I’ll explain that Halloween is more American and that Bonfire/Guy Fawkes/Fireworks Night is more British. Then I’m going to show them this video, which explains it all with very useful, everyday language:

Grammatically you can use this class to practise/introduce:

  • Past Simple & Present Simple
  • Modals (can,, must, should, have to…)
  • Easy Passives (Guy Fawkes was arrested/The Guy is thrown onto the bonfire)

This is a reading exercise, but you can use it in different ways:

  • Speaking/Writing, depending on the size of the class. The bottom part of the first page encourages them to form their own sentences and not simply copy or paraphrase the text.
  • Project Work: There are several ideas. You could divide the class into groups and get them to design different posters: The Biography of Guy Fawkes, The Gunpowder Plot, Firework Safety, How to keep pets safe on Firework night, Bonfire Night customs and traditions….another idea is to get the students to research different traditions around the world at this time of year; Bonfire Night, Halloween; Diwali, All Saints’, Thanksgiving, Day of the Dead. For more information, click here (This is an Advanced class, but can give you the information and ideas).
  • Grammar. After taking their worksheets, you could write these sentences on the board and get the students to speak or write, completing these sentences, giving you an opportunity to explain the differences.

On Bonfire Night:

  1. You can…..
  2. You can’t….
  3. You mustn’t…
  4. You must…
  5. You should…
  6. You have to…
  7. You don’t have to…


Download pdf. below!



Download ‘Bonfire Night’ pdf.