Answers: Possessives and Family

Answers: Possessives and The Family

A: Cambia estas frases con adjectivos posesivos (mi, tu, su…) a pronombres posesivos (mío, tuyo, suyo…):
Ejemplo: That’s my dog = That dog is mine
1. Those are his trainers = Those trainers are mine
2. This is their car = This car is theirs
3. That is her bag = That bag is hers
4. These are our books = These books are ours
5. Is this your umbrella? = Is this yours?

B: Traduce estas frases:

5. John is an uncle of mine.

6. I am a son of yours

7. ¿Are you a sister-in-law of theirs?

8. ¿Are you grandparents of his?

9. We are nephews and nieces of hers. (Recuerda, si sólo dices ‘nephews’ excluyes a las sobrinas)

10. They aren’t/They’re not cousins of ours.

C: ¿Cual pariente es?

11. Your father’s sister is your AUNT (or, auntie)
12. My daughter’s husband is my SON-IN-LAW.
13. Her husband’s sister’s son is her NEPHEW
14. Their mother’s brother is this person’s father. Who is he or she? THEIR COUSIN
15. Our mother’s father’s mother’s parents are our GREAT-GRANDPARENTS
16. His mother’s daughter with her new husband is his HALF-SISTER
17. Our father’s new wife’s daughter is our STEPSISTER
18. Who is your nephew’s parents’ sister or brother? YOU (probably)

D: Traduce:
19. Los amigos de mi hija = My daughter’s friends
20. La hija de mis amigos= My friends’ daughter