Homework: Basic Questions

Basic Questions: Homework

Primero vamos a mirar las preguntas que te hice en la parte del audio:

1. Where do you live?
I live in Canterbury

2. Where were you born?
I was born in London

3. Who do you work for?
I work for a person from Macedonia

4. When (How long ago) did you find this job?
2 years ago.

5. Who do you live with?
I live with Sofia, an Italian girl

6. How many rooms are there in your flat?
There are 3 rooms

7. Which one is your room?
Mine/My room is green

8. How much does it cost?
It costs 250 pound per month per room

9. How old is Sofia?
She’s 22 years old

10. Why did she come to Canterbury?
She came to learn English

11. When did you start learning Italian?
I started to learn 3 months ago

12. How often do you see your family?
Once or twice every month

13. How far is London from Canterbury?
It’s 60 miles away/from Canterbury

14. How long does it take to get to London?
It takes about an hour and a half

15. Who does your brother work for?
He works for an International Trading Company

16. How does he get to work?
He takes the train and the Underground

17. What were you doing this morning?
I was sleeping

18. What do you usually have before you start work?
I usually have a coffee and a biscuit

19. Why didn’t you have a coffee and a biscuit today?
Because I didn’t have enough time

20. When are you flying to Mallorca?
I’m flying/going to fly to Mallorca on Tuesday.

¿Bien? ¡Ahora el escrito!

Estas hablando con un hombre. Le estas haciendo preguntas. Mira sus respuestas y escribe las preguntas:

My name is Mark

1. ________________?
I’m from Stoke-on-Trent, between Manchester and Birmingham.

2. ________________?
I live in Manchester

3. ________________?
I live there because I study at Manchester University

4. ________________?
I study French and Spanish.

5. ________________?
There are about 25 students in my class.

6. ________________?
It takes me about 15 minutes to get to University.

7. ________________?
I take the bus.

8. ________________?
A month’s bus ticket costs 16 pounds for students.

9. ________________?
I visit my parents most weekends.

10. _______________?
Stoke is about 50 miles from Manchester.

11. _______________?
No, I didn’t go to Stoke this weekend. My brother came to visit.

12. _______________?
My brother lives in Birmingham.

13. _______________?
We went out on Saturday, and on Sunday we went to watch the football – United vs. City – big game!

Excuse me – it’s been good talking to you, but I have to go!

14. ______________?
I have to go because class starts in 10 minutes!

15. ______________?
My teacher is Ivan – Ivan the terrible!!
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