Answers: Describing People

Answers: Describing People

Dilma Rouseff:
She´s from South America. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. She isn’t very slim. She is middle-aged and has an important position- She is the President of Brazil.

Will Smith:
He doesn’t have long blonde hair. He is a very famous actor and he’s American. He’s funny/friendly and he has a beard and a moustache. He’s married and has children.

Rafa Nadal:
He’s very strong and athletic. He’s a sportsman. He has long brown wavy hair and he’s Spanish. He’s quite shy but he has a beautiful smile.

Johnny Depp
He has glasses, a beard and a moustache. He has quite long brown wavy hair. He doesn’t have a scar. He’s from the USA and he’s a famous and popular actor.

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