At the Doctor’s

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At the Doctor’s.

The G.P. is your everyday family doctor- your General Practitioner….

Match the patient’s problem with the doctor’s remedy. Double-click any word you don’t know:


1. I think I’ve sprained my ankle playing basketball.

2. I was slicing carrots and I cut my finger.

3. I’ve got an awful headache. It feels like a drill!

4. I’ve got a sore throat doctor. I think it’s the air conditioning at work- I can hardly speak!

5. The silly boy thought it was a good idea to play with his cousin in the apple tree. He fell, of course, and now he can’t move it!

6. I woke up this morning with my eyelids stuck together. Disgusting! My eyes are bloodshot and I can’t bear bright light.

7. I spent the whole of yesterday throwing up. I feel sick just looking at food!

8. Since last week red spots have appeared all over my face- I can’t leave the house like this!

9. My whole body aches, doctor. I’ve got no energy, and I’ve got a temperature too…

10. Doctor! The last two weeks I’ve had a runny nose, and I’ve been crying and sneezing.


A. It looks like he’s broken it. Let’s put it in a sling and I’ll send you both to hospital for an X-ray.

B. I could give you a prescription for some pills, but the best thing is to take honey and lemon – and drink lots of water!

C. Yes, you’ve got an infection. I’ll give you a prescription for some drops. Be careful not to share towels when you dry your face.

D. You’ve got flu! I won’t give you antibiotics. Just go home, stay in bed and keep warm. If it doesn’t clear up within a week, come back to see me.

E. OK. We’ll put a bandage on it- not too tight, or we’ll cut off your circulation. Keep your feet up and come back in a week’s time.

F. Is this the first spring that you’ve noticed this problem? It sounds like hayfever. There’s nothing that’s 100% effective, I’m afraid.

G. You’ve eaten something that disagrees with you, haven’t you? It’s watery soups and boiled chicken for a few days- no oily or creamy food.

H. You’ll have to take ibuprofen or paracetamol. Try to lie down in a quiet dark room.

I. A plaster is not going to be enough, I’m afraid. I think we’ll have to give you some stitches.

J. It’s a rash. Are you allergic to anything? Have you changed your soap or washing powder?



(1E 2I 3H 4B 5A 6C 7G 8J 9D 10F)


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