One of the staples (= basics) of my diet are POTATOES, sometimes boiled, sometimes cut and fried. Served hot these are called ‘Fries’ in the US and 2.CHIPS in the UK. It’s a bit confusing, because in North America people use this word to mean the fried potatoes which are eaten cold (in bags). Again, in the UK, these are ‘crisps’! Click here for more on this. Other basic ingredients are Chinese and Southeast Asian 3.NOODLES and , from the same continent, 4.RICE .

I have to be careful about consuming too much sugar or 5.SALT , which is not good for blood pressure or high tension. Sugar is also a problem which leads to obesity. I have to cut down on (=eat less) 6.ICECREAM ,9.CAKE,11.BISCUITS ,12.CHOCOLATE and 13.SWEETS .


It doesn’t have to be complicated to eat healthily. One of the most common misconceptions is that you have to be a good cook. It helps, but pasta dishes such as spaghetti, macaroni and tortellini can be very healthy and easy to cook. 17. SOUP, 18.SALAD and sandwiches are a great option. By the way ‘broth’ is a word that means a thick soup.

There are also foods that are considered ‘fast food’, such as 20.HAMBURGERS, 21.PIZZA and 22.SPRING ROLLS, but these can be healthy options if you choose vegetarian varieties and make your own instead of buying them ready-made from the shop.



I’m beginning to eat a lot more fruit than I used to. At work I always eat an 38. APPLE or 39.PEAR and a 40.BANANA. I also like 26.ORANGES, 43.PEACHES , 44.APRICOTS and 46.KIWIS, but they’re too juicy and smelly to eat in the office!

My county, Kent, is known as ‘The Garden of England’ and the 23.STRAWBERRIES, 30.PLUMS and 41. CHERRIES are the best you can get anywhere! The taste is completely different if you eat fruit in season-  In autumn and Christmas I make sure I always have a bowl of 28. DATES , 29. FIGS or 45.GRAPES to nibble when I am watching TV or reading a book, as well as all types of nuts: 34.WALNUTS , 35. CASHEW NUTS , 36.ALMONDS , 37. PISTACHIO NUTS, 49. PEANUTS and 50.HAZELNUTS. In summer I love 27.MANGO , 31. WATERMELON , 32.MELON and 47. PINEAPPLE .

There are other fruits that I don’t buy so much, but sometimes I use them for cooking –  24.LEMON, 25.LIME and 48.COCONUT, for example….


What do you have for breakfast? I usually have a coffee and some toast, a slice of 51.BREAD , a 52. ROLL  or a 53. CROISSANT  with jam, marmlade (= orange jam) or 55. BUTTER  At the weekend, when I have more time, I like to have a natural 56.  YOGHURT  and an 54. EGG . I cook it in different ways; sometimes 57. BOILED  , 58.  FRIED , 59. SCRAMBLED   or as an 60. OMELETTE .


I consider myself to be a ‘semi-vegetarian’. A real vegetarian would laugh, but I am trying to eat less meat now. When I was young, we always used to eat traditional Roast 62.BEEF on Sunday with Yorkshire Pudding and potatoes , or Roast 63.PORK , and breakfast on Saturday with bacon and 66.SAUSAGES  . I still eat poultry – that means meat from birds, like 73.  CHICKEN  , 75.  TURKEY   and 76. DUCK / GOOSE , but no more than once or twice a week.


Seafood! Fish! I love all types: Rice with 77.  PRAWNS  or the bigger 77.KING PRAWNS, with 80. SQUID  , 83. MUSSELS   and 84. CRAB   – delicious! I also enjoy 79.  OCTOPUS   and 81. LOBSTER   – both dishes I discovered in Spain. I’ve never tried 78.  OYSTERS   , though!