Answers: Hotels

Receptionist: Hello sir – May I help you?

Guest: Do you have any rooms for tonight?

R: How many rooms would you like?

G: 2 rooms – 1 double and 1 twin, please.

R: How many nights are you thinking of staying?

G: I don’t know exactly. We might stay 2 or 3 nights.

R: OK. Tonight we can offer you one standard twin for 65 pounds and one deluxe double suite for 150 pounds.

G: That’s too expensive! Isn’t there anything cheaper?

R: For tomorrow night and Monday night we have a standard double which is 65 pounds – the same price as a double, but tonight it’s fully booked.

G: Could you give us the deluxe at a better price?

R: I can’t change the price of the rooms, I’m afraid, but if you take the deluxe tonight I will give you the buffet breakfast free for the three nights you stay.

G: How much is breakfast?

R: Breakfast isn’t included. It’s 7 pounds per person. There are four of you: 28 pounds for three nights – that’s a total of 84 pounds saving!

G: Hummm – what is the breakfast?

R: It’s a full buffet breakfast: Coffee, tea, juice, cereal, cheese, ham, bacon, eggs, cakes, croissants and much more – all you can eat!

G: OK, that’s settled! We’ll take it. Would you like us to pay by cash or card?

R: I don’t mind sir.You can pay when you leave if you prefer. I just need your passport.

G: There you are.