These are the answers to the Listening exercise. To listen to the answers, press ‘PLAY’ at the end of the text:

1. In Iran, you DON´T HAVE TO eat everything on your plate.
2. If you give flowers to your host in China, he or she MIGHT NOT like it!
3. In Israel, you SHOULDN´T cook Spaghetti Carbonara for your guests.
4. In Japan, you SHOULDN’T give tips in a restaurant or bar.
5. An Indian COULD give you wrong instructions if you ask for directions.
6. In Longyearbyen you MUSTN’T die.
7. In Russia, a guest SHOULD give a gift.
8. In Denmark, you MUST look for children under your car, and you CAN escape from prison.
9. In Senegal, you SHOULDN´T admire the decoration in your host´s house.
10. In Morocco, you SHOULDN’T open your present immediately.
11. In Ethiopia, you OUGHT TO have a drink of coffee if you are offered.
12. In the UK there is a law stating that Aliens MUSTN’T invade the country,
but if they have a licence, they CAN.
13. In Argentina, you DON’T HAVE TO arrive on time to a party.
14. In the USA you SHOULD normally use a person’s first name in business.
14. In Saudi Arabia women SHOULDN´T cross their legs when they are sitting.
15. In England you SHOULDN´T put up two fingers when you meet someone.
16. In Denmark you DON’T HAVE TO pay for your dish in a restaurant.

Now, the answers to the writing exercises:

1. It’s cloudy! I think it MIGHT/WILL/COULD   WOULD     rain.

2. If it’s sunny tomorrow, we SHOULD    SHALL   COULD/CAN go to the beach.

3. LET’S/SHALL WE   WILL WE   SHOULD WE take food for a picnic (?)

4. You CAN’T/MUSTN’T/WON’T   OUGHTN’T   argue with your cousin, do you understand?

5. You CAN/COULD   MUST    DON’T HAVE TO go to the gym – it’s your decision!

What’s the difference?

You MUSTN’T do what your friends tell you.
You DON’T HAVE TO do what your friends tell you.

You mustn’t = No debes = Don’t do it!
You don’t have to = No tienes porque / No necesitas = It isn’t necessary

I CAN’T help you
I MIGHT NOT help you
I COULDN’T help you

I can’t = No puedo ayudarte = It isn’t possible
I might not = Igual no te ayudo = It isn’t certain
I couldn’t = No podía (en el pasado) o No podría (aún si quisiera)

I’m GOING TO see Sam today
I’m sure I WILL see Sam today

I’m going to = Voy a = Estoy seguro (Me quedé con él)
I’m sure I will = Estoy seguro porque casi siempre le veo, pero es mi opinion, no un plan hecho.

If he knows, he WILL help you
If he knew, he WOULD help you

If he knows, he will.. = Si el sabe, te ayudará = Possible
If he knew, he would… = Si el supiera, te ayudaría = Hypothetical