Adjectivos con los Mr Men

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Aprende los Adjectivos de Personalidad con los Mr. Men y las Little Miss.

mr grumpy

Personality Adjectives

Learn Personality Adjectives with the famous Mr. Men and Little Miss. 18 new adjectives in 2-5 minutes!

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Match the Mr. Men with the definitions (1-18). Answers are below.

mR. mEN

The Mr. Men figures here are a mix between the original Roger Hargreaves characters and the new characters from ‘The Mr. Men and Little Miss Show’

When I was a kid I used to like Mr. Happy – now my favourite is Mr. Grumpy. Should I be worried about this?

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(1.Mr. Grumpy – 2.Mr. Stubborn – 3. Mr. Nosey – 4. Mr. Lazy – 6. Miss Scary – 7. Mr. Busy – 8. Mr. Tidy – 9. Miss Shy – 10. Mr. Greedy – 11. Miss Helpful – 12. Miss Naughty – 13. Mr. Fussy – 14. Mr. Clumsy – 15. Mr. Rude – 16. Mr. Messy – 17. Miss Late – 18. Miss Bossy)

Who’s your favourite?