Answers: Daily Routine

Homework- Present Simple 1: Daily Routine

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Hello! My name is James. I live in Rochester, in Kent. From Monday to Thursday I get up at quarter to eight and then I have breakfast- toast with jam, cereal, and tea.

After breakfast I leave home and I go to work. I catch the train, and I get to work at nine o’clock exactly.
I work from nine o’clock to half past five, which is normal. I stop to have a coffee in the morning, and I have lunch at one o’clock. I go to a restaurant next to the office.

I finish/leave work at half past five, but before I go home I go to the gym and I do/play sports. Then I do the shopping- bread, milk and eggs, and after that I catch the train and I go/get home, have a shower, cook/have dinner and go to bed.

On Friday when I finish/leave work I meet friends and we go out. I don´t get/go home until twelve o’clock, but I don’t work on Saturday, so it isn´t a problem.

And at the weekend? I like to play football with my friends, relax and read a book , watch TV, and I don’t get up until late!

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