Answers: ‘BE’ in Past

Answers: ‘BE’ in Past

Has visto un robo mientras tomabas un café. La policia te esta preguntando. Rellena los huecos:

Pickpocket = Carterista
On (his/her/my/your) own = Solo
Hide = Esconderse

POLICE: Who were you with when you saw the pickpocket?

YOU: I was with my two of my friends.

POLICE: Where were all you exactly?

YOU: We were outside the café, on the terrace.

POLICE: Were there other people on the terrace?

YOU: Yes, there was a man on his own – he was reading a newspaper – and a man and a woman at another table. They were having a coffee and talking.

POLICE: What was the man like – Can you describe him?

YOU: Yes, he was short and blonde.

POLICE: You say he was the pickpocket?

YOU: Yes, because the man and woman were talking, and he was looking at the woman’s bag, but he was hiding behind the newspaper!