Answers: Countable and Uncountable

Countables and Uncountables: Answers

¿No hiciste ninguna trampa? Vamos a ver que nota sacaste……

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  1. Is there any flour in the cupboard?  (Preguntar por información = ‘any’)
  2. I didn´t have any money left after the baptism.
  3. There weren’t many people at/in the butcher’s.        (‘There were a few people’ significa ‘Si que había una poca gente….)
  4. How much meat shall I buy?
  5. They have (got) so many works of art in that museum.
  6. We have (got) too much work.
  7. Is there any time?           -Yes a bit / a little.
  8. How many times have you won?     -Not many
  9. There´s no food left in the fridge.
  10. Do you want / Would you like some soft / fizzy drinks?

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  1. There wasn´t  any space in the wardrobe
  2. They have some debt
  3. He didn´t have many chances, but he scored (Aquí puede valer: ‘a lot of chances’)
  4. I saw a lot of cars outside the church- and I don´t know why (Aquí puede valer: ‘lots of’,’plenty of’ y ‘loads of’)
  5. Steve doesn´t know anything! OR Steve knows nothing! (menos común)
  6. There were a lot of/lots of/plenty of/loads of people waiting for me
  7. I have some problems
  8. They didn´t steal anything from the newsagents