Interviewer: Hello – Please come in and take a seat.

Candidate: Thank you.
Interviewer: Now, you (1) have applied .. to work as a Sales Assistant for our company. (2) Have you worked… in Sales before?

Candidate: Yes – when I left university I (3) started … to work selling perfumes to different shops. I (4) have worked…. for that company for 7 years now.

Interviewer: So you (5) have never worked…. in the clothes industry?

Candidate: No, but at university I (6) did …. a project on production and logistics in the clothes industry.

Interviewer: What degree did you study at university?

Candidate: I (7) studied …. Business Studies, and since then I (8) have studied… different online courses in Marketing and Management.

Interviewer: Do you speak any foreign languages?

Candidate: I (9) went … to France eight years ago, and there I (10) learnt .… how to hold a conversation in French. I also (11) have learnt… some Spanish in evening classes.

Interviewer: Very interesting. What (12) has been…. the most difficult situation for you at work?

Candidate: Soon after I (13) started, …I (14) started to make a marketing plan for a new perfume and I (15) didn’t have .. much time. My managers liked my suggestions and until now the product (16) has been … the best selling product of the company.

Interviewer: When could you start?

Candidate: I (17) haven’t said … anything to my company, so I would have to give them one months notice.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. We will let you know when we (18) have decided.