What are these places? If you need more help, look at the end of the exercise.

1. This is where you go to send a letter. POST OFFICE

2. This is a good place to go shopping when the weather is bad – there are lots of shops indoors. SHOPPING CENTRE

3 & 4. If you want to have a drink and talk with friends, you can go to a PUB/BAR or a CAFÉ

5. This shop sells all types of meat: chicken, lamb chops, minced beef…. BUTCHER’S

6. Older cities often have lots of tourists who want to visit the CASTLE or the CATHEDRAL.

7 & 8. This is usually in the centre of the city. It’s an open space for people to walk in. (SQUARE) This is where you can find the TOWN HALL, if you need to talk to the authorities.

9. This shop sells lots of things – most importantly newspapers and magazines, but also basic groceries (eggs, milk, bread….) tobacco, paracetamol… NEWSAGENT’S

10. Remember that in the UK you have to drive around the left, or you will have an accident! ROUNDABOUT

11. If you want to cross a river or a railway, you need to go over a BRIDGE.

12. This shop sells bread, cakes…. BAKER’S

13. If you lose your bag or if a criminal steals your money, you should go to the POLICE STATION.

14. If you need petrol for your car, you have to go to the PETROL STATION.

15 & 16. When two streets meet. (CROSSROADS) Usually there are some TRAFFIC LIGHTS so that there aren’t any accidents.

17 & 18. There are many types of road. In the city they are usually called STREETS , although the most important are often called AVENUES

19 & 20. If you want to buy a book, you must go to a BOOKSHOP, but if you don’t want to spend money you could go to the LIBRARY.