10 most common Interview questions

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10 Most Common Interview Questions

You are going to hear some advice about the best way to answer questions in an interview. Watch the video and match the questions with the advice.

Match the questions (1-10) with the advice (A-J)- Press ‘Start’ and write the correct letter:

A: State what you admire most and how it matches your strengths.
B: Be specific and give an example to demonstrate.
C: Choose something you have done which demonstrates your potential for the company.
D: Don’t be confused- Talk about your career, not your personal life.
E: Choose topics which show your interest and that you share the same priorities as the company.
F: Describe how you dealt with the situation, preferably one that could happen again.
G: Choose a strength that you believe the company needs.
H: Show your ambition without going over the top.
I: Be honest, but choose well (and explain how you are adapting)
J: Mention something the company has that your former employer doesn’t, OR:
Be honest and show what you have learnt from the experience.

Top 10 Interview Questions